International Flight Services - Providing Stress-Free Solutions

Flight Operations & Planning

At AeroFlight Solutions, we provide first-class, hassle-free flight support services at prices lower than those of our competitors while ensuring the highest levels of safety and security. With clients all over the world, we maintain a 24/7/365 flight operations center so you can always talk to a person familiar with your trip.

AeroFlight Solutions flight planning coordinators help pilots build personalized, efficient and optimized flight plans for all international travel needs.

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Global Destination Log

Please contact us today to discover how we may help you with your trip:

  • Airport Slots – Arrival/Departure, with manageable alternatives for delayed passengers
  • Ground Handling, including crew and passenger transportation
  • Landing, Overflight permits and PPRs
  • CBP border over flight exemptions
  • U.S. customs notifications
  • Hotel accommodations, via our in-house travel department
  • Ground transportation
  • Catering
  • Security for the aircraft, crew and passengers
  • Flight following
  • e-APIS: Part 91 or Part 135 filing
  • Weather briefs
  • Short Notice permits
  • Foreign charter permits
  • EU-ETS carbon emissions
  • Cuban Overflight permit
  • Flight planning, including route and itinerary planning
  • Aviation weather, with NOTAMs and en-route text and graphic weather
  • Fuel packages, incorporating competitive pricing and volume discounts with extended credit terms

In addition to the flight support services provided above, AeroFlight Solutions takes pride in providing our clients with a simple, easy-to-read accounting statement containing prompt post flight accounting reconciliation.